Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy The fundamental principle of all our activities is the basis of ethical conduct, fair dealings, respect and tolerance.
These values are at the same time the foundation for the innovation capacity and commercial success of Zeuner engineering consultancy.
Continual Improvement In setting our corporate goals, our target is that of continual improvement in the fields of quality, environment and industrial safety.
Quality, environment and occupational safety as our targets are regularly examined and updated.
All employees are actively involved in the implementation of specified measures and targets.
Quality Zeuner engineering consultancy is a supplier of products and services to the highest standards of quality. We satisfy the requirements of our customers in terms of meeting deadlines, product quality and flexibility. Fulfilling these requirements is our first priority.
Environmental Protection We act in full awareness of our responsibility in respect of the natural resources of the environment.
We use the latest technology to keep energy consumption to the minimum.
Safety at Work Everyone works with the same responsibility to the same standards in the daily implementation of safety measures. The work environment is designed such that the safety and health of employees is not impaired.
Legal Regulations Observance of legal regulations and requirements, in particular in the field of environment protection and industrial safety is a matter of course in our company. Further, we always make every effort to stay below the legally prescribed limiting values for the safety of our employees.
Our Employees Our employees are extremely important to us. We involve them as far as possible in all operational processes of the company. We encourage and support further qualifications, information and communication for their awareness of the importance of quality and the environment and thus also make our contribution to active environmental protection.